Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Future Leaders Bridging The Gap


There are people who want German and Turkish relations to get better - and are actually doing something about it! A program called 'Germany Meets Turkey' has been designed for those in their late 20's and earlier 30's. They work with future leaders from both Germany and Turkey with hopes to, "establish a solid and lasting basis for dialogue between the two countries in order to promote mutual understanding on a societal level." Right now in fact is the one -week symposium, held in Berlin. The website and goals are definitely work checking out, since what they are attempting to do is pretty incredible and will hopefully set a trend for other companies out there.
This working together also ties into our theme of globalization this year, since two countries are attempting to connect through corporations. If the future leaders are able to bridge the gap between the two cultures that have so many differences, it could provide an example for everyone else out there.

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